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EL Properties

ㆍELLight is the thinnest, lightest, and softest light in the world without any slight heat.
Thickness 0.2 – 0.5 mm
Retention temperature -40 ~ +80°C
Operating Temperature -40 ~ +40°C
Operating voltage AC 90 ~ 360V
Operating frequency 50 ~ 2,000Hz
Power consumption 25w/m²(100V-400Hz)
Product Features 1. Various processing: Because the material is thin, it can be processed into a curved surface or any shape 2. 100% non-heating light: No risk of fire or burns due to heat.Does not affect peripherals or materials due to heat 3. Ultra-power saving: 70% or more reduction in power consumption compared to fluorescent lights or neon, long life and economical 4. Excellent visibility from a long distance and no fatigue to the eyes due to lack of brightness (blindness) 5. Harmful electromagnetic waves: Normally, EL generates electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the human body, but our products do not.

EL Product Advantages

Uniform brightness
Excellent visibility
without glare
no eye strain
Design performance
Various colors can be expressed
Wide range of applications Excellent for brand promotion
Electromagnetic waves harmful to human body
Does not occur (EMF/EMI certification)
The thickness of the material is thin, so it can be processed into any shape
Low temperature light
100% non-heating illuminator, no risk of fire or burns
Washable like normal clothes
About 70% or more power consumption reduction compared to other lighting

Lummi Global Business Introduction

Applied to sports clothing, logo or Products with light on initials
- brand logo, initials, or other Applicable to entertainment products
Lights up at night while camping EL Camping Garanda Products
- Can make my tent stand out
- Tent sales can be promoted by applying company logos, etc.
1. When walking with your dog at night, it can be attached to dog clothing (Velcro method) so that you can use EL Patches for dogs of various designs on one piece of clothing.

2. There is also an EL Patch for dogs that can be applied to dogs that do not wear clothing by applying a belt method.
EL products that help safety of workers by emitting light when working at night
- Applied to safety vests or hard hats
Clothing with EL applied to the PU fabric with electromagnetic wave shielding technology. Thin, flexible, and washable, shiny clothing.
- Helpful for child safety at night, can stand out
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