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    Could receive the EL attached clothes, if supply clothes?

    It is possible at any time, if you make a give the wire's passage in the clothes according to the standard by our company. Also, if you send us a sample clothes, we can make the same material and shape.

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    Is there any inverter could be directly plugged into 220V or 110V?

    There are several types of inverters, but the usage are different from depending on the light emitting area. So discussion is needed and might  neeed some months for production according to the design changes. 

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    Could make the Inverter waterproof?

    It is possible, but spend time to redesign depending on the size or design. 

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    How much is it?

    It depends on the Order Quantity and design size. Should discuss with us.

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    Could get the exclusive right to sell?

    It's possible in principle, but needed to discuss.

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    Could be applied outdoors or somewhere else?

    It's possible in principle, but needed to discuss.

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    Could it make thicker?

    The protective layer could make thicker depending on the using condition and retain the product stability by increasing the film thickness.

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    Could apply to the glass materials?

    Could apply in any material and also attach EL directly to glass materials.

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