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    Could be attached to any clothes?

    Could be attached to any fiber and other object. But need the adhesive testing

    beacause it is differ according to the clothes fiber and strenth.

  2. Q

    How about the attached to clothes EL's life time?

    The life expectancy of our company's EL is about 5,000 hours, but it could be reduced depending on the number of laundry and harsh conditions when used.

  3. Q

    Does EL not emit harmful substances?

    None (have MSDS for all using raw materials.)

  4. Q

    Doesn't it get hot?

    It does not generate any heat, and  may cause a problem of EL in case of storing in a hot place.

  5. Q

    How about the power consumption?

    It's about 1/3 comparing to the light emitting diodes.

  6. Q

    Doesn't it get damaged if bent?

    Our products are originally flexible and there is no damage even though bending over and there is no big problem, if not folding or forcibly damaging.

  7. Q

    Could Different colors be expressed as like it is moving?

    It Could express as if they were moving, If using multiple channels. But it is difficult to adopt the multiple channels to clothes, only 2 channels are available in current.It is possible to express as like moving if the fixed conditions, such as signs, posters and bicycles.

  8. Q

    Is it possible to increase the luminous area?

    Light emitting area could be enlarged but weight increased and inverter's power consumption is lager. So the area couldn't be enlarged much in wearables but it can in fixed conditions.

  9. Q

    Is it possible to express all characters?

    All designs could be expressed in principle, but the light emitting part requires a special design. So it needs to discuss with our engineer about what you want to express.

  10. Q

    How about the battery's certification?

    We use the lithium polymer rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries used in mobile phones or laptops are lithium ion which is a risk of explosion, but lithium polymer is not explosive.And also it can be shipped by air because we obtained battery self-certification and application-mounted certification.

  11. Q

    How do I make a sample?

    The application to be applied should be decided at first, and in the case of clothing, it determined in where(T-shirt, short-sleeve, V-neck). If you send us the design to be applied, we would send you the form to be expressed as a design and we will discuss it. Usually, the sample cost is about 2.5 million won and if the production quantity exceeds certain quantity, half of the initial sample cost will be returned or we will send you an additional product.

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    How long does it take to make a sample?

    The sample production would be taken about 3 weeks after the design confirming but more time might be needed according to our production schedule.

  13. Q

    How long does it take to make the product?

    The sample is completed and presented without any issue, we go to the mass production system. It will take one and a half to two months for first 5,000EA and within one month for the continuously made products.

  14. Q

    Is there any MOQ?

    Should be discussed.(Basically, more than 1,000EA)

  15. Q

    Is it possible to make other things like stickers?

    It could be manufactured immediately If it is about the size of the currently produced light emitting area. And discussion would be needed if it is completely different application.

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