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    What is EL?

    As an abbreviation for Electroluminescence, it is often used as a backlight unit that provides a light source located behind a liquid crystal display device of a mobile phone terminal. Because it is cheap and the whole surface glows all at once, it cannot be expressed like Oled or TV, but it can be expressed as if it is moving.

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    How does EL light up?

    Fluorescent inorganic compounds such as Zinc sulfur are widely applied to flat films or plastics to emit light when electricity flows, and the application of this principle is the inorganic EL lighting system.


    el layer.jpg


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    How thickness is it?

    The thickness of itself is less than 0.1mm, and less than 0.3mm when reproduction paper is attached.

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    How long does the inverter light up when the products are attached to the clothes?

    It varies depending on the light emitting area of the product based on the currently applied inverter, but it is 18 hours or more based on 25% of the output, and can emit light for more than 4 hours and 30 minutes with 100% continuous light emission.

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    Is the inverter rechargeable?

    Currently, the inverter is rechargeable with a 5-pin mobile phone charger, and the next version will be released with twice the amount of light emitted (cd), halving the light emission time, and a version with coin cells, not charging types.

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    How long does the inverter take recharge?

    It is buffered in four hours with a regular cell phone charger, and the time can be much reduced in the case of a fast charger.

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    Can only buy Inverter, seperately?

    Can use various kinds of clothes If buy only one inverter because it is compatible, and possible to buy it separately.

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    How about the EL's electrical safety?

    EL cannot be electrocuted because of protective material are applied on the front and back, even if it touches the EL, it is waterproof, so there is no possibility of electrocution (washable). In addition, even if waterproofing is destroyed due to long-term use, there is no risk of electric shock because the inverter breaks down immediately.

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    How about the Inverter's electrical safety?

    The inverter has no significant impact on the human body because it use the very small current flow, but it has a large output voltage which can be surprising when a person directly connecting to a terminal. Therefore our product is designed to no fear of touching the inverter's connection terminals inside and that it doesn't work if it isn't connected. It is also designed to automatically power off when running in operation or if the connector is disconnected for other reasons.

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    Can be washable?

    You can wash by washing machine if you just remove the inverter. Make sure that connectors to the inverter are completely dried before re-connecting.

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    Is there any recommendable washing way? 

    Please make sure to remove the inverter when washing, and handwashing is recommended if hope to use the product for a long time. Also, washing in hot water (60℃ or higher) could cause EL's problem.

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    Where could EL be applied?

    EL can be made like stickers, because thin, flexible and waterproof. So it can be applied to various products such as shoes, safety goods, hats, bags and so on.

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    Any color could be applied?

    Colors could be almost matched before turning on and luminescent colors could be carried out by engineering discussion, but not all colors could be matched.

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    Could increase the EL's brightness?

    The brightness could be increased but the power consumption would be increased, So the inverter should adopt the lager size of the battery. Larger batteries increase the weight, which makes the fit worse in wearables. Therefore, the current product is bright enough at night and takes into account the operating time and weight. Brightness would be increased about 20 times, if it is connected to electrical outlet directly.

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    Could buy EL and inverter only except the clothes?

    Could buy just EL and Inverter. And attaching conditions could be shared, if providing the attaching object.

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